The Mind Interpretation (Casey Blood)

“Perception by the Mind takes place in the mathematical Hilbert space appropriate to quantum mechanics (see section IV).  It is not possible (at least for me) to visualize in this many-dimensional space.  But to give the idea, we will suppose the space is only three-dimensional.  Imagine the Mind to be a person standing at the center of a sphere.  And imagine each of the allowed versions of reality to correspond to a ray of light that is directed towards the person.  Each ray will come from a different direction.  The analog of the Mind concentrating its awareness on just one version is to suppose the person in the center of the sphere looks in the direction of just one ray of light.

There is a second way of visualizing the focus of the Mind on just one version.  Each branch of the wave function, and hence each version of the brain wave function, exists in a different space, a different universe.  We could imagine that the Mind can “exist” in only one of those universes at a time.  Or we could imagine that the Mind can perceive all the universes but chooses just one as the one to concentrate on and therefore physically perceive.  The awareness belongs to the Mind, but the mechanism is the wave function of the brain.”

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