Objects and The Non-Dual Philosophy of Wei Wu Wei

In “The Non-Dual Philosophy of Wei Wu Wei” by Roy Melvyn, Wu Wei discusses the idea of external objects and sentient beings. Here is a paraphrase.

An object has no independent objective existence.
An object is nothing in itself.
An object is only what is apparently perceived and nothing more.
There cannot be an object anywhere in the space time universe since an object has no objective existence.
We appear to be objects.
We do not and could not exist as such at all.
A sentient being (object) being in space time is nothing but an image in mind.
A sentient being has no existence of its own whatsoever.
A sentient being is only an appearance (object) perceived and conceived by the “subject” of each such perception and conception.
Each “subject” being is also an object similarly perceived and conceived by other apparent conceived objects of perception.
This requires that a single source of perceiving perceives via multiple objects of perception.
Each and every such object of perception being conceived as an entity which each and every such object of perception is in turn perceived and conceived.
No example of which has any kind of personal existence of its own or in its own right.

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