Is there really an inside and an outside to experience?

Conventional thinking states that I reside inside my head and that everything else exists “out there”. There is a me “inside” and the world is “outside”. But is this true in my own experience?

In my own experience, everything appears to happen in the same place, in awareness. The sound of a bird appears in the same place as the sound of my breathing. The sight of a plane appears in the same place as a thought about eating. It all happens “here”. There is no inside and outside experienced. Thoughts may say that there is an inside and outside, but I do not actually experience that.

Conventional thinking states that an airplane is farther away from “me” than a cup on my desk. If “me” is defined as the body, then that may be a true statement. The airplane appears to be farther away from my body than the cup does.

But how far is the cup from my awareness? Since I am aware of the cup now, it is no distance from my awareness. How far is the airplane from my awareness? Since I am also aware of the airplane now, it is also no distance from my awareness. My awareness touches everything, every object, no matter how small or large that object may be. There is no distance between my awareness and anything else.

If there is no distance between my awareness and anything else, how can I say that any particular object is closer or farther away than anything else? And if nothing is closer or farther away than anything else, how can I say that there is an “inside” and an “outside” to what I experience?

5 Thoughts on “Is there really an inside and an outside to experience?

  1. Hello Bill,

    I love your work which resonates with me, and I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Steve Fairley and I have been living from non-duality and in the consciousness paradigm since an experience I had in 1982. I have put together a new non-duality website: My intention as is yours is to facilitate for others the fantastic experience of living in the enlightened paradigm of consciousness. For those who have experienced awakening this website also clarifies what it is that they have experienced and how to use it to create the best possible experience of life once the seeking has stopped.
    I hope you can create time to read my new website ‘Experience’ at Please use it as you like and pass it on to facilitate global transformation and love in the world.
    Feedback is welcome and I look forward to hearing from you.



    • Hello Steve! Thanks for the link. The Mystery is truly wonderful isn’t it? It cannot be explained or captured by human thought, yet it IS! I love that there can be so many different web sites, all seemingly different, yet all attempting to describe the same thing…the indescribable.

  2. tom, thank you for bringing to me the unirestanddng that every time i release thoughts of illusion to my Inner Teacher for correction and healing, I am helping to heal the world. endless Love, nicci

  3. Philosophy Cat on January 3, 2015 at 7:49 AM said:

    Very nice article. What can be interpreted from your article is that there is no such thing as time. Time is also a distance. Just like with the plane and the cup, a cup of coffee tomorrow seems closer than a cup of coffee in a year. Yet, both cups are imagined, even if you make it your mission to drink the same cup of coffee on both occasions. But, if you focus your awareness on the cup of coffee in a year, and focus on it, you can make it gravitate to you, just like with the plane. Subsequently, you can make anything appear close, and enrich your present moment. But, our mind likes to order things on a continuum of close to far, even though everything is really ‘here’ inside of us, as you say. So, if you are holding two identical cups of coffee, and have a sip of both (so to experience them inside you), and then you are told that one cup will be teleported to tomorrow and the other to a year from now, the second coffee becomes more difficult to imagine, less clear, because your mind extrapolates that the second coffee (which is further, supposedly) therefore must be smaller and more obscure, just like all farther objects. Loved your article.

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