I Am The Same In Both Dream And Waking States

If I am not the mind (thoughts) and I am not the body (sensations) then what am I?  I must be that which is aware of the mind and that which is aware of the body.  The thoughts and sensations come and go, but I do not.  During dream sleep, “I” may become someone completely different from who I appear as during the waking state.  In the dream I may have different thoughts, a different body, live in a different place than in the waking state.  However, I know that it is still me that is having the experiences in both the dream and waking state.  I am not dependent on either the dream body or waking body to be me.  I am a constant.  I am not dependent on either the dream thoughts or waking thoughts to be me.  I am the common denominator between both waking and dream states.

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