Genes, Time, Immortality (Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi)

Dr. Tanzi describes DNA as a self organizing system, but Deepak talks about a “conductor”. The conductor is the Self. What is the Self?

Deepak describes the Self as a transcendent field of intelligence or possibility that is autopoietic or orderly, self organizing, but also self growing, self-repairing, homeostatic, and self-evolving. He gives an example of Nature or the Self discovering how to make the fibers that are responsible for contractile tissue. “The genetic code that creates the power that powers the wings of an insect or butterfly is the same genetic code that powers the beating of my heart.”

Dr. Tanzi states that “the main imperative of physiology is homeostasis. Homeostatic mechanism. Balance. Yin and yang. For every positive, a negative. Without yin and yang, without balance, there is no body. Genes have to be regulated in a feedback way. You have something being produced and going out and then something recognizes that activity and pushes back and says enough. Back and forth. Flux.”

According to Deepak, a dynamic state of non change in the midst of change which is what Eastern traditions say is the ultimate reality. This dynamic silent field of intelligence that remains non changing in the midst of change. But this non change is not a static dead change. It is a living dynamic homeostatic non change.

Dr. Tanzi concludes with this – “So the non change part of it is this pure potentiality for how far can this system go. How far can DNA evolve? No matter how far it goes it has to do so with balance. Homeostasis. Which means you need the forward and the back at the gene level. It’s amazing how the biology reflects the Eastern belief that when we think about the non changing, the ever, the omnipresent, people instantly think “void”, nothing, negative, static. No. It’s the most alive thing you can have. Pure potentiality. Its just that what we are seeing expressed in this dance of the genes and the development of the body is the actualization of that potentiality in one biological or physical system that we get to enjoy as human beings.”

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