Do I Experience Objects?

It seems like a silly question on the surface. Surely I experience objects. I am looking at some objects now. However, is this true in experience? Is this what is really happening?

It currently appears that I am looking at a coffee cup on my desk. It appears that I am experiencing a coffee cup. However, if I investigate deeply and stay with actual experience, what I really experience is color. The cup does not make a sound. It does not have a smell. I am not currently touching it and I am not tasting it at the moment. Therefore my only current experience of the coffee cup is color. The color of the cup appears black.

So, do I see a black coffee cup? No. I just see a black color (the supposed cup) against a brown color (the supposed desk). That is all that I actually experience. It is thought that appears after the fact of seeing the colors and asserts “that is a black coffee cup on a brown desk”. There is no cup experienced directly. What is experienced directly is the seeing of color.

If we look deeper, that is not really a true statement either. There is the experience of seeing, but not of seeing color. For example, thought asserts that I am seeing a black cup. We have already determined that I am not seeing a cup directly, but what about the color black? Again, there is just the experience of seeing. Thought comes in after the fact and asserts that I am seeing the color black, but black is just a label for the experience that is occurring. It is a concept.

Close envestigation shows that the apparent black coffee cup is not even the same color consistently. In fact there are many shades of black seen. There are white highlights in places. There are other colors and shapes reflected in the cup. I do not see a pure black cup against a pure brown desk which is what thought suggests that I am seeing.

I do not even see a cup. What I actually experience is beyond concepts. There is a complex interaction of apparent colors and shapes which is beyond description. It is not a static entity, cold and dead. It is a process in motion, changing, alive, unable to be captured by mere words. Thought tries to capture this experience and calls it cup. However, in my own experience, it is obvious that I do not experience a cup or any objects. All I experience is pure experiencing itself.


3 Thoughts on “Do I Experience Objects?

  1. Philosophy Cat on January 3, 2015 at 8:05 AM said:

    So when you see the cup you are actually seeing your self?

  2. Well, that depends on what you mean by your “self”. In non-dual philosophy it is stated that there is only one underlying reality or essence. This essence is pure potential and so it has no objective qualities as it is the source of all objective qualities. This pure potential gives rise to all of the “objects” that are experienced. This means that there is the appearance of objects, but in essence they are only the pure potential in manifestation.

    The cup is pure potential in essence manifested as a cup. It is not separate from the essence. There is not the essence and the cup. There is only the essence manifested as a cup. There is no separate cup really.

    The tree is pure potential in essence manifested as a tree. It is not separate from the essence. There is not the essence and the tree. There is only the essence manifested as a tree. There is no separate tree really.

    “You” are pure potential in essence. There is not the essence and “you”. There is only the essence manifested as “you”. There is no separate “you” really. There is only the essence.

    So, if by “self” you mean the pure potential which is the essence of all things, then yes, when you see the cup or anything else for that matter, you are seeing your “self” which is all just pure potential in manifestation.

  3. Hi

    I was having a convo on objects or whether there is an objective reality outside with people on a chatprogram called Paltalk (voice chat).

    BUt they couldn’t make sense to me. WHat I suspect is that I don’t have eyeballs to see. I don’t have a nose or a brain. If I pick up a cup of coffee and move it from a to b, it seems that the cup has moved. But I just am not sure. Perhaps the feeling of thouching moved from a to b. The colors only changed into other colors. BUt again, how can we be sure that there isn’t something out there?

    good luck

    the toe

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