Objects and The Non-Dual Philosophy of Wei Wu Wei

In “The Non-Dual Philosophy of Wei Wu Wei” by Roy Melvyn, Wu Wei discusses the idea of external objects and sentient beings. Here is a paraphrase. An object has no independent objective existence. An object is nothing in itself. An object is only what is apparently perceived and nothing more. …

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Scientist Allan Snyder Explains Why Genius is in Everyone

http://www.superconsciousness.com/topics/science/interview-professor-allan-snyder “…it is fascinating that normally, and in the case of vision let’s say, we don’t see what is out there. We are consciously aware of the label of things, the whole, the concept, the gestalt as we say but we are not conscious of the parts that comprise the …

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Quantum Interactive Dualism: An Alternative to Materialism (Henry P. Stapp)


Quantum Collapse, consciousness and superluminal communication (Gao Shan)


Founding quantum theory on the basis of consciousness (Efstratios Manousakis)


The Role of Human Beings in the Quantum Universe (Henry Stapp)


Quantum Mysteries Disentangled (Ron Garret)


The Dynamic Universe (Tuomo Suntola)


Holistic Physics (Nick Herbert)

http://www.southerncrossreview.org/16/herbert.essay.htm “Whenever an object–bulldog, baseball, or baryon–is not under observation, quantum physicists represent that object as a “wave of probability”, called the object’s “wave function”. Instead of definite values for attributes such as position, velocity and spin, each of the object’s attributes takes on–in the mathematics at least–a wide range …

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The Mind Interpretation (Casey Blood)

http://www.quantummechanicsandreality.com/Interpretations/iif_mind_interp.htm “Perception by the Mind takes place in the mathematical Hilbert space appropriate to quantum mechanics (see section IV).  It is not possible (at least for me) to visualize in this many-dimensional space.  But to give the idea, we will suppose the space is only three-dimensional.  Imagine the Mind to …

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